Services in Routt County

Administers numerous state and federal programs while providing social services to the population of Routt County, including protective services, child care assistance, food and utility assistance, parenting resources and Medicaid services.

Provides emergency assistance, including food bank services and help with housing, utilities, emergency medical care and clothing.

Inspires, leads and unites people, ideas and resources to advance community impact in education, income stability and health.

Routt to Work Programs

Step it Up

An 8 week class that works with individuals to assess what is going well and areas they want to improve in their lives.  Participants learn new skills and learn of resources that can help them in their work.  Also, the class teaches a structured goal achievement process, which is used to accomplish small goals in each of the five Aspects of Life:

  • Personal (basic needs, internal resources, individual strengths)
  • Financial (improved financial management and increased resources)
  • Health (physical, mental, emotional, environmental)
  • Employment/Career (increase/improved employment, increased skill, access to relevant professional training)
  • Family/Relationships (increase interpersonal skills, meet familial obligations, manage communication and conflict)

Step it Up 2018:

August 1-September 19 from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Move it Up

This program pairs participants with a coach from the community for 10 months. The pairs use the structured goal achievement process participants learned during Step it Up to accomplish larger goals that support increased stability in the participant’s life. 

Each participant focusses primary goals on one of the 5 Aspects of Life (personal, financial, employment/career, health, family/relationships).  Participants receive resources and support in ongoing work through  monthly small group meetings, one-on-one coaching sessions, and monthly follow up from program staff.

Past successes of Move it Up participants include:

  • GED and Associates Degree
  • Certified Nursing certification
  • Improved employment
  • Health access improved
  • Leadership positions
  • More!

Move it Up:  October 2018-July 2019

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